Dr. Anil Kumar Singh is a master in treating dermatology cases. All the skin diseases are well treated at this place, with the most advanced techniques and equipment.


Giving birth to a child is an amazing feeling. We have been treating all gynae cases since years and Dr. A.K. Singh is an expert in this field, as he owns an experience of around 20 years.


My Vision

Hi! I'm Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, a doctor who can help you get you the best treatment for your dermatology and gynaecology diseases. I've been working as a doctor for over 20 years. From my medical journey, I've learnt that a huge lot of things. No matter what treatment doctors are getting these days, one thing I can never forget, and that is the oath I had taken. I am a doctor and no matter what the situation is, I will never step behind and stop myself from providing people, in need, with proper medical help.

This is have decided to make my treatment reach to every person who is in need of it. I and my team are gonna organise medical camps in the remote areas, which will help people to get proper medical facilities.

Dermatology and gynaecology are two departments that are not given proper attention by the people in the remote areas. People don't visit doctors, while they are expecting a baby, neither do they visit a doctor unless the women get critical. These are the things that I want to change. With the most advanced equipment and best support team, we are moving out to heal all your health issues.

Come join us...

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Book an appointment

If you're tired of visiting various doctors in various cities, this is the action that will stop you doing that. Book an appointment with Dr. A.K. Singh and get the best treatment.

You can write to us to book an appointment. Make sure you receive a confirmation mail from our side to confirm your appointment.